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November 2018

Dear Members and Friends of the Bristol
In a couple of weeks it will be Advent, the beginning
of the Christian year. For many it is a very busy
time as we get caught up in the seemingly endless
preparations for the Christmas season.
The gospel readings in these Advent weeks do not
speak of the historical events leading to the birth of
the Christ child. Instead, the powerful reading of
Luke 21 is read each week, calling on us to prepare
for the future coming of Christ.
Through the Advent Seasonal prayer, our looking
forward, our expectations and our preparations are
directed inwards, so that in our souls we can work
towards the fulfilment of that future promise, the
Coming of Christ in the Becoming of Man.
This year our Advent Fair will be on Saturday 1st
December. We look forward to seeing you there
and although not very big in size, we think there will
be something for everyone, young and old, to
The 1st Advent Sunday (2nd Dec) is a special time
for new children to come to the children’s service
so please let me know if you are aware of any
families who may be interested.
The Christmas Eve Celebration will take place at
3.00pm on the 24th, with a puppet show, lighting of
the candles on the tree, carols and bells. It is an
event suitable for all the family and a lovely way to
begin the Christmas festival.
Our Christmas Services will, as usual, take place on
26th and will be followed by an informal gathering
with refreshments, story and carols.
Sunday 6th January is Epiphany or Three Kings day.
After the service we will look at the Dream Song of
Olaf Asteson, an old Norwegian Folk song, which in
many Christian Community and curative education
centres is sung during the Holy Nights/Epiphany
On 19th January, continuing our series of talks from
representatives of other faiths, we look forward to
hearing a speaker from the Quakers.
Wishing each one of you a peaceful Advent, a light
filled Christmas and a good New Year.