(Image of North view from Iona’s highest peak)

1,500 years ago on the isle of Iona, Saint Bride experienced Christ in her daily life as He who moved the seas and the clouds, shone the light and brought the rain. For her, and many Celtic Christians of that time, Christ lived as the ‘King of the Elements’ and they called to Him within the water, fire, air and earth in their prayers. Some 30 years ago, a group of Aboriginal people sensed a positive change in the earth’s aura and set out to find the source of the healing power. They came to The Christian Community church in Australia, which had been newly consecrated, they attended a service and told the priest afterwards: “In the place where we live, hundreds of miles away, we realized that the aura of the land had changed, that something had been added to this land. The change comes from this altar”. On the 20th of October the new chapel will be consecrated in Stroud. In the consecration ritual the four elements are called upon within the four directions in space, together with incense and consecrated water. The altar becomes a place of change, a gathering of healing forces and simultaneously an outpouring of blessing for the earth. Every sacrament we co-create together here in Bristol,  with the ‘King of the elements’, has far-reaching effects for the earth and for people, which we cannot prove but can be quietly sure, that they exist.