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Contemplations – The Christian Community in Bristol

Sermon about the Gospel reading  – The feeding of the five thousand, John 6 1-15


Dear Community of Christians


We are walking with Him.


Walking into the darkness, into the tomb, into the black which is on the altar and the vestments.

We are accompaning the journey of His Passiontide.


We are prepared for this because of the journey the gospel has brought us through thus far.

The gospel enabled us to experience the incredible transfiguration upon a mountain. We were allowed to know that Elijah and Moses spoke with Christ about the necessity of His suffering. We were able to hear the voice of the Father God; “This is my beloved Son, whom I love, listen to Him!” 

Last week the gospel warned of the signs of the times and how Nineveh changed its ways because of the sign of Jonah. We heard that we can be light in darkness. 

Today we are uplifted to the sunlit scene of a hill with green grass.

Christ’s power is living and working now through the disciples as a multitude of people are nourished spiritually and physically. 

An incredible event where heaven’s abundance poured onto the Earth. 

Our community can continue to nourish each other spiritually although we will meet less in a physical sense. We can spiritually support each other because Christ lives and works in us. He unites us together and brings us back to the Love of the Father God.


The Easter light is already calling us;

First we must walk into the dark of the tomb

And each must walk alone

And yet we walk together


We are walking with Him 

He is walking with Us