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Resources for Prayer – The Christian Community in Bristol

Here is a suggestion on how to accompany the services inwardly, when we are unable to meet as a congregation

Sacramental substance – The first thing will be to find creative ways to maintain our sacramental ‘substance’. The services will still be held at the regular times by the priests with two servers in the Stroud church,  but with no congregation. The priests will endeavour to include the congregation inwardly at the altar and at the same time we appeal to those of you that wish to, to seek ways to inwardly carry the service(s) from your own places. This could take various forms according to one’s own creative impulses. The following may serve as a guideline. Do make it as simple as you need. Keep it manageable. This would be especially helpful for the Sunday services where we could imagine that many others will be doing the same around the country and also in many other countries where it is no longer to hold public services.

  • Light a candle at the time of the service with a Christ picture on the table.
  • Call to mind the festival period and colours.
  • Imagine everyone in the congregation and the candles being light at the altar.
  • Read the Gospel reading for the week.
  • Read the contemplation/verse/sermon – see below
  • Read the Creed or meditate part of it.
  • Imagine the best soul forces of the community being fetched by the angel of the congregation and being poured into the cup.
  • Imagine the prayers of the community rising with the incense at the altar.
  • Imagine the Priest kneeling at the altar with the raised cup accompanied by the Christ.
  • Imagine the body and blood of the Christ.
  • Speak the Our Father.
  • Imagine the communion.
  • Extinguish the candle.